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The Tools You Will Need If You Wish To Be A Storm Chaser And Stream Your Chases

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A well-known movie back in the early 1990s made storm chasing seem exciting. At the time, tornado chasing wasn't nearly as popular or their chasers nearly so well known as they are now. However, Internet streaming using high-speed internet service providers and mobile applications has changed all that. The tools you will need to be a storm chaser yourself -- to find the storms and stream it to adoring fans -- includes the following.

Laptop Computer

The most important piece of equipment you will need is a laptop computer with the latest weather tracking software on it. This will help you track and find the storms that you will be chasing. You will need a cellphone with a high-speed Internet service to connect your computer to so you can receive updated weather information and warnings. You will also need it and specific video imaging programs in order to stream your video live to your followers.

Cell Phone

It is very important to have a cell phone with you on a chase. This is for two reasons. The first is mainly if you spot a tornado or severe storm, you could work with local news agencies or weather spotting services and call in what you see. You can also use it to stream live video to hundreds of followers on your own website or via a streaming service. It is also handy in case you get into trouble and need someone to pick you up if your car has issues.

Video Camera and Digital Camera

If you want to stream your storm chases live, you will need a video camera capable of high pixels and bit rates. You will certainly have a wide selection to choose from here, from IMAX and HD cameras to more practical basic cameras that fit on your rearview mirror. If you plan to stream to followers and possibly make money from it, ensure you have the best camera in your budget range you can.

A digital camera can capture fantastic cloud formations and the moment of touchdown if you catch a tornado. These photos can be uploaded to your website or social media for your followers to enjoy.


Aside from using your cell phone, especially if you are streaming, then you will need a way to communicate with other chasers or even news rooms. A ham radio or CB installed in your car lets you keep your cell phone free to use for streaming and gaining weather information, while you can keep in contact with other chasers in your area and possibly connect to emergency services quickly if need be.  

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