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Benefits Of Implementing TACACS Software For Your Business

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TACACS is software that helps manage complex security concerns for your network. The software can typically be installed without changes to your current system and reduces the burden on your IT department to manage network accounts for hundreds of employees.

More Account Security

Each person authorized to access the network is typically given a username and designated password. TACACS can incorporate more complex login requirements to prevent unauthorized people from entering the system. TACACS is capable of using the multi-factor authentication method of requiring a code in addition to the username and password. This one-time use code is generated for employees at random and you can also make the code time-sensitive. A time-sensitive code means the user must enter their generated code to log in within a specified time or the code expires and a new code must be generated. This method is more cumbersome but provides another layer of protection for your network.

Adjust Employee Access

Once a user is logged in, they may have access to various parts of your network, such as specific programs or other departments in your business. The major problem with access is you don't want all employees to have access to every part of your network. TACACS allows you to adjust access for each user to further protect your business. In addition to allowing a particular user access to certain parts of your network, you might make additional limitations. For example, if a user has access to employee data, you might limit their access to only business hours and specific IP addresses. This would prevent the user from looking at sensitive information at inappropriate times and on other devices that might not be secure, such as their mobile device or a home network. Access can be easily adjusted with TACACS in case you need to quickly change a user's access to certain areas of the network or an employee needs temporary access elsewhere on the network.

Monitor System Use

Another important security feature is monitoring what employees are doing on your network. Unfortunately, there is the risk an employee with access to sensitive information may misuse the information. To reduce this vulnerability, TACACS can generate a report about each employee's instance of entering a particular area on the network and how much time they spend there. Ideally, your access configuration will prevent employees from entering unauthorized areas, but a mistake in granting access can happen. Monitoring use allows you to notice and fix errors if an employee is entering an unauthorized area or spending an unusual amount of time in an authorized area. The same tool can be used for businesses offering time-based services. For example, clients might be allowed to use a cloud-based program for a set price per hour. Tracking this data is critical for charging the client appropriately.

TACACS software is an excellent resource to enhance your current network security measures. Since this software works with many common programs, it is easy to integrate into your current system. To learn more, contact a TACACS server software provider in your area.