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How To Personalize Your Home Phone Service

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Cell phones allow people to stay connected to each other when they're on the go. However, it can be useful to have a home phone if you're unable to use your cell phone for any reason. Home phones can also benefit people who work from home and need a professional line where clients, colleagues, and superiors can reliably reach them. Here are some tips that will help you personalize your home phone service for your convenience:

1. Purchase a phone with caller ID.

Many people rely on caller ID to help them screen their calls. The ability to know at a glance to whom you're speaking will allow you to make smart decisions about when to pick up the phone. Modern cell phones come with built-in caller ID, but you can take advantage of the same feature when it comes to your home phone. To utilize caller ID, simply purchase a landline phone that offers this feature. While you're at it, you can look for other handy features as well, such as built-in answering machine services.

2. Buy a package that bundles phone service with your internet service.

If you already purchase residential internet service from an internet service provider, you can probably save money by purchasing home phone service through the same company. Service bundles allow people to save money on their monthly bills. You may be eligible for a special introductory rate for up to a year if you're purchasing both home phone service and internet service for the first time.

3. Add national and international services to your phone plan if desired.

Basic home phone service packages allow people to receive and make local calls without paying additional fees. However, out-of-state calls and international calls will often cause you to incur additional charges. If you plan to call people in other states often, you should purchase a home phone plan that includes national calls. People with family members in other countries and those who conduct business overseas can benefit from a phone plan that also offers international services.

4. Modify your home phone service at any time.

If you need to change your phone plan or add an extra line, you can do so at any time. Your home phone service provider can offer monthly service plans that do not require additional contracts, unlike cell phone service. This will allow you to always customize your phone service to meet your needs.