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4 Reasons Every Household Needs A Home Phone

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Home phones are sometimes known as landlines. Unlike cell phones, which connect you to others by bouncing signals off cell towers, landlines function using metal or fiber-optic lines that are wired into your home. Some people have chosen to give up their home phones in favor of cell phones in recent years. However, landlines are just as useful as ever. Here are four reasons every household should have a home phone:

1. Have a backup plan in case your cell phone is lost or broken.

The vast majority of people rely on their cell phones day in and day out. However, modern smartphones are delicate pieces of machinery. They can easily be broken or lost. If you only have a cell phone, you'll be unable to get in touch with people until you get your cell phone replaced. A home phone can serve as a backup plan. In the event that you're unable to find or use your cell phone, you can make important calls and keep in contact with your family using a landline.

2. Receive prompt assistance during an emergency.

When an emergency occurs, it's very important that you call 911 right away. An emergency operator will connect you to the appropriate service, whether that's the fire department, police department, or hospital. In order to send emergency services to your house, the 911 dispatcher must have your address. A landline will enable the operator to access your home address, even when you're unable to provide it yourself. A home phone will allow emergency services to come to your aid as quickly as possible, which could save a life in a dire situation.

3. Save money on a combined internet and phone package.

You can save money when you choose to get a home phone. Internet service providers frequently provide phone services. When you purchase both telephone and internet services from the same company, you can get a discount on a bundle. Many modern internet modems also feature telephone jacks that will allow you to plug in a home phone without extra installation fees. 

4. Use your phone during a natural disaster.

Home phones are the most reliable option. When a natural disaster strikes, power lines can be severed, preventing you from charging your cell phone. It may be impossible to place a call using a cell phone during this time, especially if many people are using the cellular network simultaneously. A home phone will give you peace of mind during a disaster.

If you're wondering if a home phone is a good choice for you, talk to a professional service today.